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Welcome to our World. Oops...I mean our Blog:

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

It's our world and you're just living in it. Am I allowed to say that? Ehh, we'll roll with it.

My First ever Blog post! WOW. Just to clear things up (because I'm sure you all are thinking "did she really just say that???"), I'm not that into myself. To think this is my world is absurd...but if it were, every inch of it would be organized. AND I would be able to read minds, but lets not get off topic! This is probably why my parter was weary of us starting a blog, it's easy to ramble. Anyways, let's get down to it. My name is Zara and I am one of the founders of Fresh Slate Organizing. Me and my partner Taylor started this company with the love of all things organized. I mean...she even hangs her bathing suits. Who does that?

We came up with Fresh Slate because thats how we like to take on every project. Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes can help you decide where you need help organizing. We understand that taking everything out of a space and putting it all back together takes time and can be a little overwhelming. Thats why we created Fresh Slate, to help people get on track to achieving their dream home!

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