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About Fresh Slate Organizing


Fresh Slate Organizing is a female owned business serving the South Florida area. We founded this company in 2021 with the intention of helping our clients create their dream spaces and with the belief that you are never truly "home" until you love every inch of your space, including what's behind closed doors. Not only do we want to get you organized, we also want to leave you with the tips and tricks to stay that way! At Fresh Slate, we offer a variety of luxury services, specializing in full home organization and organized moving. Keeping things in order saves time getting ready, preparing dinner, decorating for holidays, and so much more. We also offer home and rental staging to help you achieve premium pricing when you are ready to sell or rent. We take pride in what we do and are passionate about helping others, so let's work together in creating amazing spaces!



At Fresh Slate we want you to Feel Refreshed in Every Space & Home!

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